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  1. Creative Brainstorming

    Brainstorm 75%-100% of your lyrical content in 5-10 minutes using our engaging songwriting template and downloadable workbook.
  2. Lyrical Concepts

    Learn about the multifaceted lyrical concepts & building blocks that make up the foundation to every hit song.
  3. Speed Writing Techniques

    Some of the best songs ever written were composed in less than an hour. Join the rank and become an expert 'speed' songwriter or composer.
  1. Interactive Diagrams

    Creatives are visual individuals. Songcourse includes 50+ Interactive diagrams so that you can better retain what you learn.
  2. Learning the Rules

    When writing songs it is crucial to learn the unspoken rules in order to color outside of the lines "in style."
  3. Compare Hit Songs

    Learn how to effectively dissect a hit song so that you can emulate the form, style, and finesse when you sit down to write.
  1. Easy to Learn

    Learn the origin of songwriting from the Early American Songs, Tin Pan Alley, & Rock N' Roll. It's because of the past that we're here today!
  2. Downloadable PDF

    100+ pages of illustrative writing excercises, interactive songwriting templates, exclusive interviews & so much more!
  3. Bonus Resources

    ASCAP/BMI application, copyright forms, publisher database, and more.
“This is the songwriting course that everyone has been waiting for"
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